tattoo chair inside of Wild Mushroom Tattoos in Urbana Ohio

Lauren Rutschilling

Lauren is a 24 year old tattoo artist. She is home grown, born and raised in Ohio. She majored in Art in college which led her down a winding road to pursue tattooing. She specializes  in Neotraditional and American Traditional style tattoos. She loves to do color but enjoys doing black and grey work as well. Creative freedom pieces are her favorite as she can give each tattoo her personal touch! Lauren has worked with several great artists in the past few years but is now the owner and resident artist of Wild Mushroom Tattoos in Urbana, Ohio. Click the booking link below to set up your own personal tattoo experience with Lauren.


"I came to lauren with a bad tattoo from years ago. I booked the appointment hoping it would be a little better after, but she blew it out of the water ! With minimal direction from me she came up with an amazing idea, added color and the rest was history! Already brainstorming my next tattoo but I should probably just let her design it :)"


"I started seeing Lauren at the beginning of her tattooing career and have followed her on her journey while working at two different shops… and will definitely be following her on her next venture of opening her very own shop. 🍄 I was nervous about finding a new artist but instantly hit it off with her. I look forward to getting tattooed even more now because of the experience- you’re sure to have a good time! If you’re looking for an artist with great communication, insane talent, and the best personality - I highly recommend her. 💛"


"After moving back to Ohio, I was in search for a new tattoo artist. With some research I found Lauren! Not only is she extremely talented and kind but she also makes sure you’re as comfortable as possible while getting your tattoo. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented by strangers for the work she’s done or stopped in a store and asked who did them. I will gladly recommend her to anyone in need of a great artist! Thanks for always giving me something amazing and that’s worth the pain!"


"Lauren is quite frankly the best artist I’ve had. I can’t wait to be covered in her work. Her lines are so crisp and clean, the colors she uses in her work really make the tattoos pop. Really showing off the details. I also let her take the reigns and run with her ideas to add. I would send her an idea of what I wanted and she would come up with a beautiful piece. I’ve never told her the colors I wanted for my pieces, I let her decide. She always makes you feel comfortable in the chair, allowing for great conversation."


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